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"Creating songs that capture every moment"

We all have those songs, the ones that make us remember where we were, and what we were doing when we heard them for the first time. Whether it was on the first day of summer break, or while dancing with the person of your dreams, those songs are like photographs; they capture and complete the moment. When you hear them, you are taken back.

Monty Wells understands the power of your moment; music should serve to enhance whatever you are experiencing.  Ultimately, it is because of this belief that Monty Wells strives to craft songs that tell a story and stay with you… long after the moment has passed. 

Listen and enhance your moment!

Releases and Co-writes

Ben Heights- Stay Up (Co-written by: Monty Wells)

Written with Shamrock Baskin and Ben Heights... This is a song about thinking. Definitely, music for the soul.

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L'equipe du Son- Good Vibes (Feat. Monty Wells)

Monty Wells teamed up with L'epuipe Du Son to create this laid back track. "Good Vibes" is guaranteed to get you head bobbing and your feet tapping.

Show Reel (2013) Monty Wells Music Co-Writes

2013 was wonderful year, full of experiences; some great, others not so great... Either way, it made for a lot of great songwriting! Here are a few of the numbers I co-wrote in 2013.

Nils Van Zandt & Ron Van Den Bueken - House of Cards

House of cards was written together with Nils Van Zandt and Ron Van Den Beuken. It is a tune that describes the fears an insecurities that come along with following your dreams. Take a listen, and if you like what you hear, download your copy from iTunes.

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Monotronic feat. Monty Wells- I Hate That I Love You

Monotronic is the Deep house side project of Peter Luts and Ward Houbrechts. There newest track, "I Hate That I Love You", was written with Taylor Jones and peaked at number 23 in the DMC Magazine Miami Buzz Charts, and Number 79 in the Ultra Tip Charts

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DJ Licious feat. Monty Wells- Favorite Thing

This song was written in 2012 with Shalamon Baskin, Serge Ramaekers and DJ Licious. We had a great time writing this one!

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DiMaro feat. Ros- What If I (Boostedkids Remix)

I wrote this one back in 2010 with Andrew Goldstein. The Belgian DJ, DiMaro eventually released a dance version in 2013... check it out!

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