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June 27, 20164 years ago

"Daylight" featured on World-Famous Podcast

Daylight is on a roll! Nearly two months after its release, the song has amassed more than 150,000 spins on Soundcloud Read more
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May 2, 20164 years ago

"Daylight" shines as it enters the Beatport Top 20

One week after its release, "Daylight", a song co-written and performed by Monty Wells and DJ Adam Foster, has broken into the Beatport House Music Top 20, at #19. Read more
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February 16, 20165 years ago

Monty Wells is a Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition!!!

Monty Wells and Greek Superstar DJ, Mark Angelo have made it to the Semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition!! Read more
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January 11, 20165 years ago

'Alive' Hits Big In Two Countries

What a way to start the New Year! "Alive", the uplifting, dance anthem, has broken into the Spotify Viral Top 50 in two countries. Read more
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December 10, 20155 years ago

Bibi Breijman: From Reality TV to #1 DIY Songstress

Former Reality TV star turned Youtube Vlogger, Bibi Breijman has released the official music video for her #1 debut single, "You and I". Read more
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September 22, 20155 years ago

Elevation Named WDM "Vital Track of The Week"

"We're going up, and I'm not coming down!" Only a few months after it's free SoundCloud release, Elevation, seems to have taken a cue from its own lyrics, by soaring to new heights. Read more
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July 13, 20155 years ago

"Monty Wells Releases Free Music!"

Mexican dance producer, The Broz Rodriguez and Singer/Songwriter, Monty Wells proudly present: Elevation! This trans-atlantic collaboration marks the first time Monty Wells has ever released music for free. Read more
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May 25, 20155 years ago

'Replay' is #1!!!

'Replay', a song co-written by MWM Productions claimed the #1 spot this Saturday, on the Zapp Kids Top 20 Music charts. Read more
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April 28, 20155 years ago

Let's Go To The Movies!!!

Monty Wells Music is proud to announce it's major motion picture debut! Read more
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February 26, 20156 years ago

The Children Have Spoken!

The Children have spoken! Holding On, a song written by Monty Wells, and performed by Dutch Pop Sensation, Rachel Traets, has entered the Zapp Kids Top 20 charts! Read more