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January 9, 20145 years ago

New Year... New Music! Victor Milas Feat. Monty Wells - Pandemonium

Prepare to dance! Monty Wells teams up with Belgian DJ, Victor Milas to bring you, Pandemonium! Read more

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October 28, 20135 years ago

"What If I" reaches 60,000+ views on Youtube!!!

"What If I" has had an amazing journey since its creation back in 2010. What started off as a Katy Perry-esque Pop track, has quickly become a European dance sensation. Read more

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September 10, 20135 years ago

RUMOR MILL **Monty Wells and Monsif Collaboration**

The rumor mill is a'buzz with talks of a collaboration between singer/songwriter Monty Wells and Dutch Heartthrob, Monsif. Read more

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August 14, 20136 years ago

"I Hate That I Love You" deemed "Buzzworthy"

Since its release in June of 2013, Monotronic's, "I Hate That I Love You" has been causing quite a stir. Along with debuting at #23 in DMC World's Prestigious Miami Buzz Top 40, the song has officially entered the Ultra Top charts; coming in at #72!!! Read more

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April 15, 20136 years ago

"What If I We're You" Signed To BIP Records!

What if I Were You, a song written by Monty Wells and Andrew Goldstein, has officially been signed to the Major Dance Label, BIP Records. Read more

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March 28, 20136 years ago

Peter Luts + Taylor Jones + Monty Wells = <3

What do you get when you combine the masterful production of Peter Luts, the lyrical stylings of Taylor Jones, and the smooth vocals of Monty Wells? The answer: Monotronic's "I Hate That I Love You"!

We are proud to announce that Monty Wells will be the featured vocalist on the newest track from EDM act, Monotronic. Read more

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October 28, 20126 years ago

RUMOR MILL **Monty Wells Teams with Martin Garrix**

The rumor mill keeps on turning and this week it comes bearing news of a co-writing session with wunderkind DJ, Martin Garrix and Monty Wells. Read more

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May 8, 20127 years ago

Trailer For Dirty Minds Now Online

The official trailer and behind the scenes video for the song "Dirty Minds" are now available online.

Dirty Minds was written by Monty Wells and Shalamon "Shamrock" Baskin. The number features DJ/Producer, Nils Van Zandt, along with Dutch Superstar, Yes-R (pronounced "Yes Air"). Read more

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May 3, 20127 years ago

Monty Wells Presents: Twenty-Twelve!!!

This Sunday, Monty Wells posted an exclusive three-minute preview of his recent musical works, simply titled, 'Twenty-Twelve'. The sound reel features an eclectic collection of songs written in collaboration with producers, musicians, and artists from all over the world. Read more

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April 27, 20127 years ago

Monty Wells Rises To Number 21 in the DDance Top 1000 Artists!

Monty Wells has been voted into the DDance Top 1000 International Dance Artists, and currently holds the 21st spot! is the Netherland's premier website for the Dance genre. Artist, DJs, and dance acts appearing in the DDance Top 1000 are ranked by popularity; the list is updated daily. Read more