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Elevation Named WDM "Vital Track of The Week"

"We're going up, and I'm not coming down!" Only a few months after it's free SoundCloud release, Elevation, seems to have taken a cue from its own lyrics, by soaring to new heights. Along with accumulating over 30,000 plays in just under two weeks, the song made its debut on the World Dance Music (WDM) Radio show. Luis Lopez, a world renowned DJ and host of the Spanish radio show named Elevation, the Vital Track of the Week, next to acts such as, Avicii, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris. You can listen to the entire show below (or fast forward 23 minutes to hear "Elevation").

" It is really incredible that a something like this can take off is such an astronomical way. I had no clue that this song would gain so much traction. The song was so different from anything that I had worked on in the past. Broz. Rodriguez and I worked very hard to give this song a soul and a home. I think that is what people hear and gravitate towards"

Elevation was created by Broz. Rodriguez and Monty Wells. The song was signed to Filthy Drops, and can be download for free, only on Soundcloud. If you have not gotten your copy, what are you waiting for? Click on the SoundCloud Link and download your copy today!

Luis Lopez - WDM 263 (40 Principales)

Luis Lopez - WDM 263 (40 Principales) by Luis Lopez on Mixcloud

Broz Rodriguez feat. Monty Wells- Elevation

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