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"Monty Wells Releases Free Music!"

Mexican dance producer, The Broz Rodriguez and Singer/Songwriter, Monty Wells proudly present: Elevation! This trans-atlantic collaboration marks the first time Monty Wells has ever released music for free.Since the single's release through on June 6th, the track has been streamed over 19,000 times through the social media site, SoundCloud. The response itself has been immensely positive; with thousands of downloads to date.

Monty Wells had this to say about the most recent developments " I am incredibly humbled by the continued support we have received with each new project I undertake. This one in particular, really marks a milestone for the my artistry and for the company itself. As a songwriter, I have been taught to shy away from releasing free music, and not feed into the already apparent trend that music is being devalued. This project has shown me a silver lining within this dark cloud that is the 21st Century Music Industry. As long as you have the right platform, a solid fan base, and most importantly, a good song, you can still benefit from the release of free content. Now does that mean I would release all of my music for free? No, absolutely not… However, releasing a free song every now and then does have the ability to create a solid avenue for building and cultivating interest among potential and longtime fans alike".

Broz Rodriguez feat. Monty Wells - Elevation has been released through Filthy Drops™ and can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud. Grab your FREE copy by clicking---> Elevation

Broz Rodriguez feat. Monty Wells- Elevation

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