March 28, 2013 Posted by MWM in News

Peter Luts + Taylor Jones + Monty Wells = <3

What do you get when you combine the masterful production of Peter Luts, the lyrical stylings of Taylor Jones, and the smooth vocals of Monty Wells? The answer: Monotronic's "I Hate That I Love You"!

We are proud to announce that Monty Wells will be the featured vocalist on the newest track from EDM act, Monotronic. This Deep House project is the brain child of international superstar DJs Peter Luts (member of Lasgo) and Wouter Houbrecht. Their song is set to hit the airwaves in the summer of 2013.

"I Hate That I Love You" was written by Peter Luts, Wouter Houbrecht, and Taylor Jones. Be sure to check out their previous works below!

Lasgo feat. Taylor Jones- Something

Peter Luts- One More Night

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